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The Lab is your athlete's winning formula for strength, resistance training and advanced speed techniques.

In our new athletic training studio, we are still bringing the resistance and strength training our athletes love, such as Vertimax, speed, power, and endurance development. We will continue to focus on running and jumping techniques, explosion drills and weight room exercises to help athletes excel to the next level and Outwork the Competition.

Because we lead and train from the heart, we strongly believe and commit to the vision that in building athletic ability, we are also developing youth to become champions in the classroom and in life, not just in sports. We focus on developing the “complete athlete” – which means exceling in athletics, academics and in the community.

In our training programs led by Coach Monte, athletes learn the moto, “Outwork the Competition.” This teaches students the valuable lesson that life is full of Competition but the hardest and most important competitor you will ever face is YOURSELF. You must continue to work hard to outperform the expectations and goals you set for yourself. And this will require you staying dedicated and motivated to putting in the extra work.

At “The Lab”, we provide a safe and positive environment, where we train and encourage youth to reach their potential. With limited-size classes, you can trust our staff to give your athlete quality instruction, feedback, and attention needed to excel.

We specialize in developing youth athletes and helping them get faster, stronger and improve their athletic ability and overall fitness. Athletes will be exposed to weight room strength workouts, plyometric circuits, agility workouts, and endurance conditioning. In addition to, improving flexibility and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Lightning Athletic Performance Training is perfect for athletes who are ready to dominate in track and field, football, wrestling, basketball, soccer, swimming, or any sport.

But it is not all beast-mode and pools of sweat. Lightning Athletics makes fitness a fun and challenging experience for our hard-working youth in the community. And that is what keeps them coming back for more because they know that bettering themselves with discipline and self-improvement is the most rewarding pay off all.

Ready to prepare your young champions to excel even in the face of adversity?

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